Best Sites To Watch Latest Aired Episodes Easy And Quickly

Here will talk about the best sites to watch series online without registration, but the most important think is that this sites are few of them online that offers you recently episodes that just aired in almost case every hours.

So this kind of sites are similar with the usual sites that you used before to watch tv shows online free. The point is that this sites are working hard every day to give us the latest episodes aired to stream online.

If you didn’t know, after the new episodes that are on air and running on TV, in about 5-10 minutes and is been like years and years, all the new released series are first time added on the torrent sites, then the video is downloaded and uploaded on the streaming sites that offers you video hosting.

After the above process, this free to watch websites will add the new episodes or movies on the site and you have the availablity to stream latest episodes aired.


IPTorrents is a 0-day private torrent site tracker that is been online from almost 14 years and this torrent site still rocks, is the best huge private torrent site.

I use IPTorrents from many many years and is a great torrent site, but you need to be invited by someone who have account. Usually they give invites to almost all the users that are on the site, so you can find very easy a friend who have IPTorrents invites in 2020.

If you can’t find any invite on your friends list, you can search on related forums or topics and you’ll find someone who can give you an invite on IPTorrents for free. We talking here about methods that you have to watch for free hd movies and tv series without pay and with good quality.

So, on IPTorrents you’ll find… you’ll find anything you want, but here you’ll find fast and quick in lots of quality’s the media you want to download via torrent files. I will make an exclusive review post for IPTorrents soon, so you’ll know more from that post. How to get an invite free, what is, how it works.


TorrentLeech is also an great 0-day torrent site from where you can download your favorite hd and ultra-hd media to watch for free on any device you want. You just need a good connection on the internet or to wait few hours to download this big files with mega quality.

TorrentLeech is even older that IPTorrents with 2 years, so this torrent site have almost 16 years online and still runing and make a great work. Only problem here is that the site is not so popular and doesn’t have so much users like IPTorrents have, but still is a good torrent site to download hd movies and full tv series to watch on any device you want after.

Here you also need an invite to enter in and is not so easy to get one. Easy is to find IPTorrents free invites but you can find also from different forums an invite if you know how to use the torrent sites and how to stay on seed your torrents.

Project Free TV

project free tv
And the last one from this post is Project Free TV that I’ve been using for like 4 years because they put after 5 or 10 minutes the tv episodes that I watch the most and is good for me because I don’t need to download any media files and wait so long until watching.

If I can’t wait to watch fast a new aired episodes then I use for sure Project Free TV, because the private torrent sites need to be used just on your home or with a good VPN registered and paid, and I repet that here we talk about free and not paid methods to watch or download movies and tv series.

So the fastest method to go for your favorite latest episodes is to user Project Free TV, for me was and still working for years, have few annoying ads but we can cancel it and make our think.


If you want quality then you need to use this private torrent sites that have the name “tracker” and if you’re only at your home to download the files. But most of the case you want to watch on your phone, tablet or laptop and maybe you’re not home, so you can use the streaming sites lists from here to watch series.

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