This Are My 123Movies UnBlocked Proxy And Mirror Top Sites

So is time to share with you guys my favorite, my top 123movies sites in 2020 to watch latest movies and series online for free, with less advertising and with good fast quality. In this top are few old 123movies sites that have already huge amount of visitors, but also I included new 123movies made in 2020 that don’t have any ads or any annoying thing that can’t let you watch your favorite movie.

123Movies – Watch Online Free
Description: Watch online free HD movies. On 123movies anyone can watch latest movies and daily tv series online without registration. 123 Movies Free place for streaming favorite movies and episodes.

I use for like one year and is here on the first place with one reason, is the best. They have a decent video player that allows you to stream very fast and smooth. Few ads that are not so annoying and a huge database with lots and lots of movies and tv shows available to watch free. - watch online free

The design was so beautiful when first time come out, but now my opinion is that this 123movies site is little bit older and needs few design changes. Also I so few bugs in the site, but per total is an user-friendly site that can easily be used by anyone.

The history of is that this free movies site was created on September 2, 2017 but his best year was for shure 2019. So this 1,047’s place in Alexa Rank in November 28, last year, but now all the 123movies similar sites goes down because Google remove almost all “123movies” from search results. alexa rank statistics

Now you can see down below how it looks in this moment, at the end of January. Is little bit old like I said before, but still a good website to stream your favorite media files.

Official Link Right Now:

123Movies+ | Watch Free – Movies and Series
Description: 123Movies+ is your new 2020 source of Watching Movies and Series online for FREE, without registration or signup, without any advertisements on 123movies.

123Movies+ I like the most, this site have the best design and fonts and logo and all, no ads website with few content but this guys push hard to add lots of new and old movies & tv shows. I belive this will be a great 123movies to consider in 2020 for watching your favorite movies and tv series.

123moviesplus - movies and series

As I said, the design and the fact that this 123movies site don’t have any ads beside the ads that have in the player, and I really want to make an post as soon as possible about the benefits of using this service of streaming videos for free.

You really need to try this free hd movies website to watch and search your favorite tv series fast. This is a new website but I belive that will go big this year if they keep to work as good as now.


Official Link Right Now:

123Movies – Watch Movies Online For Free –
Description: 123movies allows anyone to watch online movies and TV shows without any account registration and advertisements. Watching the contents online is really easy as we made sure you get to watch what you search for free and without any hassles.

0123Movies is on of the old 123movies sites from this list. But as I said here few times and I will insist with that, Google has cut almost all of this sites from search results, so you’ll find so hard this days and I belive all the year, so that’s why you need to acces and remember this blog and browse again weekly or monthly.

0123movies - watch movies online for free

This 123movies alternative site have same content like the original and keep the same webdesign like the original site. Down bellow you’ll see a screenshot on how looks this website in the present and how it looks in the past.

0123movies website

Official Link Right Now:

123Movies – Watch Free Movies Online – 123 Free Movies – Movies 123
Description: Watch online free full movies & TV-shows 2020 on 123 Movies new site – сollection 2020 updates every day. is a good website to choose for latest episodes aired and latest movies even they have a CAM quality and not the HD that all of us love so much. I like that in the last months they use the NETU player that 123moviesplus have and I love so much the features of this site.

123movies - watch free movies online

As you can see down below, this 123movies site update the website daily with latest news from movies and episodes category, also they add new full tv series to watch free online without registration or signup.

Official Link Right Now:

123Movies – Watch Movies Online Free
Description: 123movies, watch movies online free without registration. Latest movies and tv series.

123MoviesOK is an old 123movies website with a huge library of old and latest movies but also they have tons of tv series full online ready to stream for free, without registration and in a good HD quality. This site is in the top 5,000 in Alexa Rank on the U.K.

123movies - watch movies online free

The design and logo is very user friendly and the colors are the classics one, with the new featured that you can change from the light version to dark version, and that is a cool and nice featured that have been enabled here and wasn’t available last year.

123movies official

Official Link Right Now:

123movies – Watch Online HD Free |
Description: 123movies is a portal of network which provides videos of movies and streaming of tv shows like netflix for free.Watch free HD movies on 123moviescc.

123movie was in 2018 the best 123movies website that have the first place on Google for a long long time, that’s why this site still have a lots of users that return every day and a good ranking in the Alexa, is now in top 11,000 world wide.

123movie have a dark design with a red logo, that was nice in his era, and my opinion is that this site also need to change and update his site soon, or maybe rebrand the domain name.

123movies - watch online hd free

They said on the first page that:

123 Movies is the most trending site among Movies and TV Shows streaming across the world.Watch online free HD movies on 123movies and download without registration.

123Movies Watch Movies Online Free. On 123movies anyone can watch latest movies and latest tv series online without registration in HD.

And what I like the most to watch on this site is the impressive collection of Anime series that they offer us to watch it for free. Lots of trending and popular anime online free are available on – you need to try it, definitely will catch you.

Official Link Right Now:

123Movies – Watch Movies Online Free & TV Series in 1080p Quality
Description: Watch HD Movies Online For Free and Download the latest movies without Registration, Best site on the internet for watch free movies and tv shows online… is one of the oldest 123movies website from this list and this site was never updated on the design aspects, but was and still is a good option to have in mind and a lots of movies and tv series you’ll discover here.

123movies - watch movies online free and tv shows

With 9,000 rank in Alexa’s U.K. Rank, this website has crushed from Google for so many years and still have a good amount of traffic. So the content from this beautiful domain, is still available to watch online for free.

The design is a little bit broke but the admin’s of this site I think don’t want to make any change even this year. But as I said, is a good option for watching free movies and tv shows online.

Official Link Right Now:


You can watch free movies and tv series on eatch of this 7 similar 123movies sites without registration or signup. All of them are good and if you don’t find what you search for, just try another site from the list, you’ll definitely find it. And if really not found, you can call for a request, because few of the sites offer you that option free.

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